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End Of The Road
October 28 2014

 Five and a half years ago, 'Round Midnight was born.


 Replacing a down at heel 'old man's boozer', we aimed to create a small, intimate bar sitting somewhere in between a cosy pub and a modern Jazz club.

 We like to think we accomplished that.


 But after more than five years,well over fifteen hundred shows and a great number of full-to-capacity nights, we have decided to move on from 'Round Midnight and pursue our other goals.

 We would like to personally thank both our clientele for their continued support over the years and all the acts that have performed for us. We can honestly say that we've virtually never had a dud show or a bad crowd and for a music venue in Central London, that's a very rare thing indeed!


 Whilst it's unfair to single any acts out individually, we would like to pay tribute to the artists that have performed regularly over the past few years:


Niall Kelly for hosting our amazing Tuesday night Blue Jam,

Mark Harrison for hosting London's best acoustic showcase every Monday,

Owen Houlson for the Blues Jam and general sound duties,

Dan Spanner for his tremendous Big Band and his Spanner Jazz Punks that we love so much.


Not to mention:

Matt Taylor, 

The Untouchables, 

The Cadillac Kings,

Eric Ranzoni,

Jimmy C & The Blues Dragons,

Todd Sharpville,

Rollo Markee & The Tailshakers,

Gentleman Tim & The Contenders,

Dan Nash,

Ian Siegal.


 Blues and Jazz lovers, don't despair! Whilst there will not be anymore live music from November 3rd, 'Round Midnight will remain open. It's recorded music will still remain a collection of the finest Blues, Roots, Soul and Jazz music from the past one hundred years and in addition, 'Round Midnight, in partnership with 'Red Dog Saloon' restaurants, will be serving the finest burgers, Philly Cheese Steaks and all around general American goodness for your eating pleasure!

The usual suspects

Monday Roots At 'RM Starts @ 8.30pm

These nights consists of 4 or 5 acts that range from solo folk to 4 piece Bluegrass Troupes. You will find an array of instruments and styles. It is the perfect way to wind yourself slowly into the chaos of the week ahead!

Tuesday Blues Jam Starts @ 8.00pm

Come along, have a drink and enjoy some top-quality blues/roots music in an excellent atmosphere. Some of London's best roots musicians will be there for spontaneous music-making in a variety of London's best roots musicians.


End Of The Road

 Five and a half years ago, 'Round Midnight was born.    Replacing a down at heel 'old man's boozer', we aimed to create a small,...