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Blues Jam - Thu 1st,

Some of London's best blues musicians will be there for spontaneous music-making...
Our jam is now over 4 years old! With your host Niall Kelly, we like to think that we host London's friendliest Jam. Beginner or pro (and we get a lot of those), everyone's welcome and if you've the sense not to bother with learning an instrument, the drinks are bloody great too!

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The usual suspects

Monday Roots At 'RM Starts @ 8.30pm

These nights consists of 4 or 5 acts that range from solo folk to 4 piece Bluegrass Troupes. You will find an array of instruments and styles. It is the perfect way to wind yourself slowly into the chaos of the week ahead!

Tuesday Blues Jam Starts @ 8.00pm

Come along, have a drink and enjoy some top-quality blues/roots music in an excellent atmosphere. Some of London's best roots musicians will be there for spontaneous music-making in a variety of London's best roots musicians.


End Of The Road

 Five and a half years ago, 'Round Midnight was born.    Replacing a down at heel 'old man's boozer', we aimed to create a small,...